malama lomilomi

Hawaiian Nurture Massage in South Wales



E komo mai -  Welcome

I am delighted that you are feeling drawn to explore what malama lomilomi is and here it is in a nutshell:

Lomilomi is part of the ancestral healing arts of the Hawaiian people. Passed down over centuries from family to family, evolved and diversified over time, lomilomi was commonly used to support and aid healing as part of everyday life; and came to be used in sacred rituals to support people at times of crisis and intentional change.

At heart and in essence it remains and is the art and craft of skilful touch, pristine presence and loving intent. One of the principle ideas is that everything seeks balance and everthing seeks love; another is that all of life is energy and flow.

Malama lomilomi aims to support and nurture you at times of impending or ongoing life changes, before or after particularly demanding life events. And always if you are wisely looking to take good care of yourself.

Malama lomilomi works to nurture, to harmonise, to restore and to revitalise by providing deep relaxation and release of stagnant or trapped energy. Using hands, forearms and elbows, warm pure organic oils, long flowing strokes along, across and underneath the body, often experienced like the waves of the ocean, in turn deep and light, strong and tender, energising and soothing, always rhythmical but never mechanical...

Malama lomilomi is more than just another massage. More heart, more presence, more touch, more depth, more two lomilomi massages are ever alike.

Come as you are and come home to yourself 🌺

About Me

Born and raised in Germany, I came to the UK and Wales 25 years ago. As a child I loved dancing, dreamt of being a Native American Indian and Robin Hood’s better half....What really happened was that I seemed to have a musical talent, so I studied the flute, taught and performed classical music until the prospect of expansion and adventure took me to America, where my horizons were broadened in so many ways. There I discovered my gift for being with people, for making and holding safe and rich spaces where authenticity, creativity and development could blossom. The needs of my own young family brought me to the UK. Here I completed post-graduate studies in Social Work and Counselling, raised my children and worked for many years accompanying and guiding children, young people and their families as they negotiated deeply challenging and transformative times of their lives.

I have always loved the immediacy and effectiveness of touch, breath, music and movement. When I first encountered lomilomi seven years ago, I knew that here was a form of bodywork that felt utterly exquisite, intelligent and transformative...and so I set out to learn and to practice. 

I am grateful to my teachers, chief amongst them Joy Hicklin-Bailey and Carrie Rowell, excellent and world class both. 

It is my heartfelt wish to share this beautifully nurturing, restorative and transformational bodywork with you. 

Mahalo 🌺 Angelika


​​​​Physically, lomilomi will engender:

  • Heightened metabolic rate
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced adhesions
  • Improved muscle nutrition
  • Invigorated immune and lymphatic system
  • Increased range and motion of joints

As the body releases, softens and relaxes, the whole being can let go and come to a place of surrender. Feelings, both happy or sad, may come up and release. Insights might arise. Or you may just fall asleep. Whatever happens for you is welcome.

Regular malama lomilomi can be a wonderful way to support you at times of impending or ongoing life changes, after a particularly demanding life event or if you are wisely looking to take good care of yourself.

£45 for 60 minutes

£60 for 90 minutes

£75 for 120 minutes

If you feel drawn and feel that your current financial resources will not stretch to support your wish to receive malama lomilomi...please do feel free to speak to me.
I work from my home where I have a lovely space exclusively dedicated to lomilomi. My home is conveniently located halfway between Newport and Abergavenny, near Monmouthshire, Cardiff and not far from Bristol.

If you prefer to receive lomilomi at your home, feel free to talk to me about your needs and circumstances. Additional costs will apply.

I am happy to give lomilomi in the treatment rooms of Hot Yoga Health 
This will be subject to availablity. Additional costs will apply.
You need to allow about 20 minutes either side of your actual massage in order to arrive and leave without haste.

We will use the time for you to tell me about what is happening for you, including your physical and overall sense of health. This is a great opportunity for touching base, asking important questions and identifying any intentions you may wish to set for yourself.

It is useful to remove any jewellery and/or piercings beforehand.

Generous amounts of warm organic oils will be applied in the course of the massage; it feels lovely and nourishing. I would recommend that you don’t dress in your most precious fine fabrics as a little oil may transfer from your skin onto your clothes when you get dressed.

Once you leave, if at all possible, be gentle with yourself, rest or take gentle exercise and above all...enjoy what’s happening.
​​​​Malama lomilomi moves fluids; therefore, if you have a bad cold, cancer, poorly managed diabetes or high blood pressure, lomilomi may be contra indicated. If you have any concerns or are in any doubt about whether massage is safe for you, you need to check with your GP, clinician or consultant.

Malama lomilomi uses a luscious signature oil made of organic coconut oil and shea butter. If you have a nut allergy, you need to let me know at the time of initial contact. Alternative oils are available or you may bring your own.

Malama lomilomi does not provide skeletal adjustments nor does it provide or replace clinical/psychological/psychiatric interventions.

Malama lomilomi is not a sexual/erotic service.


  • Torfaen, UK
  • Address upon booking